Changing Lives has been helping the most vulnerable and socially excluded for over 45 years.

We began as a small charity in the North East called The Cyrenians, and later Tyneside Cyrenians, helping people who were suffering from homelessness through our hostels and day centres.

With the appointment of a new CEO, Stephen Bell, in 2002, we began to look at homelessness as a symptom, and not a cause, of other chaotic problems, such as mental health issues and substance misuse. We began to tailor services to work with people before they were sleeping on the streets and worked on a preventative model rather than a reactive one.

Since then, our services have expanded in both provision and geography. We are now operating across the North East, Yorkshire, Merseyside and the Midlands as a national organisation with over 400 members of staff, 550 volunteers changing the lives of 20,000 people each year. Our services include: tailored women’s services, recovery cantered projects, veteran-specific services; homelessness services and a scheme offering people a home for life and so much more.

We re-branded as Changing Lives in 2013 to mark this growth. Throughout our 46 years of operation, our core purpose has never changed. We are here to help people who are most in need, and today we are a national charity tackling social exclusion, in every form. Through our pioneering and innovative work, Changing Lives supports people to make positive, lasting changes in their lives.