We help people change their lives by understanding that often, more than one of our services is needed at once to support someone. Our services work in harmony to provide an individually tailored support package to ensure that positive, lasting changes are made for people like Amanda.

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Our Homelife team received a referral for rehousing from our recovery services for Amanda* who had completed 140 days of abstinence but was still living in an area that had a serious ongoing drug culture.

Homelife offers people their own rented property instead of them having to rely on supported accommodation. We empower our residents to take control of their tenancy, and regularly check in to make sure they are managing okay.

We were able to rehouse Amanda and her two children into a 3-bedroom house in a different location. Once settled, our team helped Amanda achieve her employment goals. Amanda was determined to get into employment to support her family.

Through a referral to our local employment team, Amanda was able gain a volunteering position and interviews for full-time work.

During this time, it became apparent that Amanda was struggling financially. Changing Lives’ Benefits and Employment Action Team (BEAT) helped Amanda with an application for Personal Independence Payment and carers allowance (as her son had medical issues). Just before Christmas she was awarded this allowance with a backdated payment of just under £1,000.

“It’s been an amazing help. I’ve paid all my bills and sorted Christmas, with enough to spare for savings. My boys are going to have a really happy time this year, so thank you.”

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*names have been changed for anonymity