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18 May 2017

Sex for rent in the age of austerity

On one day this week, four adverts offering free rent in exchange for sex appeared in the North East section of a national classified advertising website. These ‘sex for rent’ ads have hit the national news in recent weeks, with Justice Secretary Liz Truss taking it on as an issue…

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16 March 2017

Changing Lives Through The CEO Sleepout 2017

Last week, on 9th March, two members of Team Changing Lives joined over 100 others for the fourth annual CEO Sleepout at St. James’ Park. In 2016, £80,000 was raised from Newcastle’s Sleepout, making it the largest Sleepout event outside of London.

Funds raised during the…

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23 September 2016

Will the Homeless Reduction Bill reduce homelessness for the people who use our services?

The Homeless Reduction Bill is to be debated for the second time on the 28th October. Here, Becky Elton, our Director of Housing, discusses whether the new legislation will have any real impact on the people Changing Lives supports if it is passed.

The Homeless Reduction Bill is to be debated for the second time on the 28th October. It proposes new duties for local authorities to:

• Take action to prevent the homelessness of anyone eligible for assistance (e.g. ‘habitually resident’ in the UK) and threatened with homelessness within 56 days, without…

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21 September 2016

WCMT: ‘A Fresh Approach To Homelessness: Lessons From The United States’

In 2016, John Cassap, an Assertive Outreach Worker in Sunderland, visited America to learn about their responses to the crisis of homelessness, particularly in the wake of national disasters such as Hurricane Katrina, and how their methods could be adopted and adapted to help the work Changing Lives does for people who are homeless. The research trip was funded by the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust as John secured a scholarship from the organisation following a rigorous application process. Here, John details his experiences and shares his findings:

The whole adventure began when I was invited to the presentation of a friend who had travelled to Australia with the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust. I was very inspired and I was encouraged by others to apply for it myself.

The purpose of the Fellowship is to gather information from…

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4 August 2016

A Farewell and a Thank You: No-One Is Alone Charity Concert

Joe Wilson is a musician and singing teacher. In August 2016, he held a charity concert in aid of Changing Lives to say farewell to the region and the charity that helped him through his difficult times to get him to where he is today. Joe will be moving to London shortly to take the next steps in his career.

Music has always been a powerful friend and asset to me and so it made sense to use  music to say farewell to the North East and to thank a very special charity who helped change my life.

Many people experience difficulties in their personal life. I was one of them. I…

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