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4 August 2016

A Farewell and a Thank You: No-One Is Alone Charity Concert

Joe Wilson is a musician and singing teacher. In August 2016, he held a charity concert in aid of Changing Lives to say farewell to the region and the charity that helped him through his difficult times to get him to where he is today. Joe will be moving to London shortly to take the next steps in his career.

Music has always been a powerful friend and asset to me and so it made sense to use  music to say farewell to the North East and to thank a very special charity who helped change my life.

Many people experience difficulties in their personal life. I was one of them. I…

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30 June 2016

Changing The Lives of Vulnerable Women

Laura Seebohm, Director of Women's Services and Criminal Justice at Changing Lives, guest-blogged for Homeless Link earlier this month, sharing the work our charity does for vulnerable women.

Many of Changing Lives Women’s Services provide specialist support to women and girls with vulnerabilities including domestic abuse, sexual exploitation and criminal justice.  However, regardless of the issue which leads women to our projects, there is one overwhelmingly common experience we encounter time and again – traumatisation emanating from…

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20 June 2016

Helping Those Who Are Homeless in an Age of Austerity

Becky Elton, Director of Housing Services at Changing Lives, discusses the impact of austerity on our services to help people who are homeless and those with complex needs. In a time when we have to do more with less, how do we ensure that lives are still changed for the better?

Changing Lives supports people to break cycles of homelessness, addiction, exploitation and abuse. We started out as a homelessness charity in the early ‘70s and our other services have developed in response to the needs of…

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5 May 2016

How Custom Planet work with Changing Lives

Holly Dark, Senior Account Manager at local print and branding specialist Custom Planet, tells us about the work the company does with Changing Lives.

Custom Planet started working with Changing Lives back in 2012 when there was controversy around St James’ Park having its name changed to The Sports Direct Arena. As dedicated Newcastle fans ourselves and owners of a print shop, we decided we’d voice our disappointment, shared by many of…

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3 February 2016

#Noneedtobeg by Becky Elton, Director of Housing at Changing Lives

Newcastle City Council and its partners launched the #noneedtobeg campaign just before Christmas, which is trying to let the public know that people who are homeless in the city do have access to support and don’t need to beg. In fact, the majority of those people begging are not the rough sleepers that we work with on a daily basis. That’s not to say that the people who are begging don’t have support needs, they do, and usually that’s to do with addictions, to alcohol or to drugs, including NPS (Novel Psychoactive Substances, commonly known as Legal Highs).

It’s been a controversial campaign, with a bit of a backlash against the council and its partners, including ourselves, for demonising “the homeless”. That’s the last thing we’d do, but the reality is, as I’ve…

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