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9 June 2015

15 May 2015

Supreme Court ruling on vulnerability by Becky Elton

The Supreme Court ruling on the vulnerability test for people who are homeless is of course welcome news. It’s one less hurdle for people who are vulnerable and living on the streets to jump. Now people’s vulnerability will be judged compared to anyone facing homelessness as opposed to someone…

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6 May 2015

With the 2015 Election just hours away… we need real policies for real issues says Stephen Bell, Chief Executive

If you are like me you may be getting a bit tired of the political rhetoric over the past few weeks (seems like months!) of politicians not answering questions directly and not talking about or addressing the real issues that effect our client group.


We had an  article published over the weekend highlighting my thoughts on how all the political parties are addressing issues close to our hearts here at Changing Lives. I feel very strongly that we have to make a stand for our clients and shine a spotlight on issues that…

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25 March 2015

28 February 2015

Why the latest homeless figures are a success story for us

by Stephen Bell OBE, Chief Executive

You might think the government’s latest headline figures for rough sleeping should be giving me a sleepless night – up 40% in the North East in a year!  But once put into context, they are actually a success story for us.

We are talking about very small numbers – 35…

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