Our vision is to be:

  • A large-scale charitable group which seamlessly provides for a range of service user needs.
  • A influential national charity with voice and service reach.
  • A diverse group incorporating high performing social enterprises which generate unrestricted income.
  • Retaining a HQ in the North East with a strong corporate centre.


Primary Objective: Excellent Services

To deliver excellent services to our clients that achieve a lasting improvement in their lives.

In 2015-16 the number of people we support continued to grow from the previous year.  In total, 338 staff supported 16,122 clients in 2015/16. We couldn’t have helped so many people make positive changes in their lives without our amazing volunteers. This year, 649 individual volunteers donated 51,593 hours of their time to change lives across the country.

Strategic Objective 1: Finance
To ensure we have finance to run the company and that we manage our finance well.

Strategic Objective 2: Buildings and Assets
To ensure that our buildings and assets are well used and maintained.

Strategic Objective 3: Brand
To ensure that we have profile to grow our work.

Strategic Objective 4: People
To invest in our staff and volunteers so that they deliver excellent services.

Strategic Objective 5: Enterprise
To establish profitable social enterprises and to be enterprising.