Changing Lives outreach services in Newcastle, GAP/MAP, delivered a series of presentations on their work with people who face sexual exploitation and our recent peer research report into the sex industry in Durham and Darlington.

The team presented to over 300 Medical Students from Newcastle University on Friday 28th October. This was the fourth year that GAP/MAP had been invited to take part by Involve North East, who coordinated the event.


Changing Lives’ GAP/MAP team delivered a presentation to 300 Newcastle University medical students

GAP/MAP were joined by Northumbria Police and ARCH North East (ISVA) who work closely with GAP/MAP throughout the year.

It was an excellent opportunity to meet the Doctors of the future and they showed a great deal of interest in all of the subjects and activities. As part of the introduction, the students were shown a recent news article and video about our Peer Research in Durham and Darlington.

This created a lot of discussion around safeguarding, the identification of sexual exploitation in both children and adults, with recommendations on how to deal with it or report it.

The team really enjoyed talking to the students and informing a new generation of doctors and medical professionals about sex work and sexual exploitation, and would like to thank Involve North East and Newcastle University for organising the event.

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