As part of our International Women's Day celebrations, we will be hosting a preview of Open Clasp's new production 'Sugar', which looks at the lives of three women involved in the criminal justice system. The production will be performed for women who access Changing Lives services as well as local partners.

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Tracy doesn’t like the unpredictable coz it can unsettle but her eye is bleeding and she’s behind with the hostel’s rent.

Tomorrow Julie leaves the prison. She will have to walk past the pub, smell the laughter and taste the songs as they spill out of the doors and windows. She’ll want to drink, do drugs but she won’t; this is her last time.

Annie is late, her sandal is broken, the strap flapping loose and no-one is stopping to ask her why.

These stories are three and at the same time one. Sugar exposes the routes into prison, life behind bars and the revolving door that catapults women back. Devised with women in HMP Low Newton, Women’s Direct Access Homelessness Service and women on probation attending a Women’s Hub through Changing Lives at West End Women & Girls Centre.

Written by Catrina McHugh | Directed by Laura Lindow

The performance will be followed by a Q&A with Laura Seebohm, Director of Women and Criminal Justice Services for Changing Lives and Catrina McHugh, Creative Director for Open Clasp.

These are special previews offering the chance to see Open Clasp’s new work at the first stage of development.

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