We are actively seeking Corporate partnerships to help us reach our targets for 2020: partners who share our values and our mission to Change Lives for better futures.

We can offer a bespoke partnership that meets your needs in terms of CSR targets, ROI, media coverage and employee satisfaction; improving employee pride in their company, productivity and health by creating opportunities for team building and fun in the work place.

A partnership with Changing Lives delivers development opportunities on both sides. Your employees can gain skills and experience that can be beneficial in their work and personal life.  Our clients gain massively in areas of self-confidence and self-esteem which are critical to their onward journey to a better future.


Current Corporate Partners include;








If your company is interested in becoming a corporate partner of Changing Lives, please get in touch with our Fundraising Manager:
e: donate@changing-lives.org.uk
t: 0191 273 8891