Payroll giving is a tax-efficient way to donate to us and help change lives for the better, month in, month out. It is easy to set up and it saves you money on your regular gift to us.

Payroll giving for individuals

A great way to give

Payroll giving is a great way to donate to Changing Lives.

When you support us through payroll giving, your donation is taken directly from your wages before tax.

This means you donate £10 to change lives, but it only costs you £8 (or £6 if you are a higher rate tax payer).

It is a win-win way to give. We receive your life-changing donation but it costs you less to give it.

Your monthly donations provide a steady source of income that we can put to use, changing lives for the better, month in, month out.

Get started

Signing up for payroll giving is quick and easy.

  • Speak to your payroll department to see if they have a payroll giving scheme – nominate Changing Lives as one of your chosen charities
  • If they don’t have a scheme yet, ask them to consider it. Send them a link to this page and encourage them to find out more.

How your gift helps

Our services and staff engage with 6,000 vulnerable people every day. Your regular donation could help in the following ways:

  • £5 pays for a welcome kit for someone moving into our accommodation
  • £10 feeds a homeless person for a week
  • £20 buys an emergency safety kit for someone fleeing domestic violence

Find out more about the life changing work that you fund through your generous donations.


Payroll giving for employers

Why have a payroll giving scheme?

Payroll giving is a smart move for employers.

  • Add more weight to your corporate social responsibility activities
  • Boost your employee benefits package by saving them money on donating to charities they love

Setting it up is easy

It is easy to set up and the costs are minimal:

  1. Register with a payroll giving agency
  2. Promote your payroll giving scheme to your staff
  3. Deduct employees’ donations from the salary using your usual payroll software
  4. Send employee names and donation amounts to your agency
  5. Changing Lives and any other nominated charities receive your donations via the agency

You can prioritise Changing Lives as your preferred charity if you wish to.

Contact our Fundraising Manager for more information.

Match fund to go the extra mile

Want to go the extra mile in CSR and employee engagement? Why not match fund your employees’ donations?

Simply total the amount your employees donate each month and send us a cheque.

Please make your cheque payable to ‘Changing Lives’ and post to: Fundraising Manager, Changing Lives, Unit D13 Marquis Court, Tenth Avenue West, Team Valley, Gateshead, NE11 0RU.

Find out more

Find out more about payroll giving for employers on the Institute of Fundraising website.