Changing Lives recognises the value of diversifying the services it provides and being innovative to meet its charitable objectives. We therefore run a charity shop, a furniture warehouse, and food re-distribution schemes – all with the aim of generating additional income which can support Changing Lives’ vital work with thousands of people each year.

Did you know?
In the past year, Fareshare North East has received over 300 tonnes of food from our donators, the equivalent of almost 25 double decker buses full of people.

Our social enterprises include:

Our social enterprises deliver lots of benefits for the charity. Firstly, they provide vital income to support our ongoing work throughout the country. Secondly, they provide volunteering and employment opportunities for the people we work with, and those referred through other routes. This can include training, apprenticeships and professional qualifications. Finally, they help us build partnerships with other organisations – such as the 110 local charities and community groups currently using our FareShare North East service.

Just because they’re run by a charity that doesn’t mean that the Changing Lives social enterprises are anything less than business-like. Good governance is essential to everything we do and the specialist Changing Lives Commercial Board works hard to ensure all our social enterprises operate as effectively as possible.

“We are extremely happy to be providing space to Changing Lives and to support them in offering such an invaluable service. Changing Lives do fantastic work and it’s a real pleasure for us to help an organisation with a similar ethos to our own.”
– Jason Wylie, Head of Business Services at Your Homes Newcastle

If you’re interested in business opportunities with any of the Changing Lives social enterprises, or gaining experience in retail or warehousing and helping to make a real difference in your local community, please get in touch, we’d love to hear from you.


Ben Lock, General Manager FareShare North East:  0191 278 1895 /



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At Changing Lives we are always looking for volunteers, people who want to make a difference. We welcome people from our own client groups, the local community, companies and businesses. Some to work on one-off projects, others with a regular commitment of time.

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