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York Financial Inclusion Project

Housing and Homelessness

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Introduction to Service

The York Financial Inclusion Project provides support to people accessing Changing Lives' housing services to reach and sustain financial stability.

The project is person-led and engagement and support levels are tailored to the individual. For some, a quick intervention may be needed, whilst others may require a longer period of support starting with how they think about money, to obtaining and sustaining employment.

Key Information

We offer:

  • One-to-one support to look at money management and budgeting
  • A ‘financial health check’ upon access to accommodation
  • The opportunity to develop skills and personal strengths to move towards employment
  • Tailored support to access training and educational opportunities

How to access

Referrals are via keyworker, floating support worker or self-referral on 01904 630 500.

How to contact

Please get in touch using the contact details below.

Call us

01904 630 500 / 07843 358 740

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