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Leave a gift in your will

Making a will is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. And it’s a lot more affordable and straightforward than you may think.

A will ensures that your assets and possessions are left to those you love. It is also an opportunity to leave a lasting legacy for your chosen charities.

Why write a will and nominate a charity?

Writing a will ensures the people you love receive the things you want them to have. It is also an opportunity to leave a final gift to your chosen charities. If you don’t write a will, your assets will be divided according to the law rather than according to your wishes.

A gift in your will – of whatever size – can leave a lasting legacy. Your gift can help future generations to overcome challenges such as homelessness, domestic abuse, life-threatening addictions and more. Will you help them improve their lives and secure a better future for themselves and their families, once you’ve taken care of yours?

How to leave a gift in your will

I don’t have a will yet

  • Making a will is fairly straightforward, although it is best to get help from a solicitor
  • Read our Will Writing Checklist
  • Make an appointment with a solicitor to draw up your will
  • If you need to find a solicitor, the Law Society is a good place to start
  • We also have a Handy Guide To Legal Terms that may help

For further information, see the government website on making a will.

I already have a will

  • If would like to add a gift for Changing Lives you need to add a codicil
  • A codicil is a straightforward document that allows you to make amendments to an existing will instead of completely re-writing it
  • Find out more about adding a codicil on the Money Advice Service website

Changing Lives have helped me sort out my finances and debt, so I can move into my own place one day. They’ve helped change my life for the better.

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