Your special day will mean the world to you. But what if it could mean the world to others too?
Support Changing Lives through your wedding, and you and your guests won’t just be part of your wedding pictures, they’ll be part of the bigger picture – fighting social inequality and helping the most vulnerable.

Why support Changing Lives at your wedding?

If you’re getting married this year, you’ll be looking forward to the future and your happy-ever-after.
For the people who use our services, happy-ever-after can seem a distant dream. But by working with us, they can take huge steps towards a future that is safe, stable and secure.

  • People like Sally*, pregnant and fleeing domestic violence, who we found a home for and equipped it with furniture and baby equipment thanks to people like you
  • People like Anthony*, who had lost his home and family due to gambling addiction, and was able to reconcile with his children whilst living and volunteering with us

Ways to support us

Wedding gifts

If you have sent guests a wedding gift list, put in a gift for one of our service users too. Suggestions include:

  • Toiletries – Some people arrive at our accommodation services with nothing. A gift of toiletries can help them stay clean and healthy – shower gel, shampoo, toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, deodorant, socks.
  • Home starter set – When people are ready for their own home, they often lack even the most simple equipment. A gift of pots, pans, cutlery, cups, tin opener etc can really help.

Collect donations

Contact us for attractive donation envelopes that you can put on your tables to prompt your guests to donate, should they wish to.

Donate after the big day

If you have spare table decorations, bridesmaids dresses etc, donate them to Changing Lives and we will auction them online to raise funds for our services.
Wedding favours
Watch this space for details of our new range of wedding favours and name cards.

Make a donation

Donate today and help our dedicated staff and volunteers around the country continue to support over 14,500 vulnerable people and their families every year.