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Organising your own Fundraising Event

There are so many ways you can raise funds for us and change lives. Whether you want to fundraise with your family, friends, colleagues or a community group, we’ve got everything you need to attract support, make it a success and keep you safe.

Getting started

  1. Check out our suggestions for your own fundraising event
  2. Let us know about your event using our online form
  3. Download resources to help you raise awareness
  4. Send us your donations… – email our Fundraising Team to discuss getting your proceeds to us:
  5. …And your photos! We’d love to see what you do to change lives and share it online.

Let people know where the money raised will go

We think it is really important to let people sponsoring you, know how what their donations can do and how their money is going to help.
Here are a few things your fundraising can help achieve:

    • In 2020, Changing Lives we helped over 500 people a month access our accommodation services in the North East alone. A donation of £20 could help pay for a mobile phone and top up to keep them connected to family or friends
    • £50 could help pay for a moving in pack for someone moving into their own home
    • Being in isolation can potentially impact a person’s mental health and it is important to keep people occupied and active during this time to support their wellbeing. £10 could provide a activity pack to help keep their mind occupied.
    • Access to food and basic necessities, and more so affordable items, is a challenge for many of the people we support. A donation of £35 could enable us to provide a food hamper to someone who may not be able to get out to the shops.

Make a donation

Donate today and help our dedicated staff and volunteers around the country continue to support over 14,000 people and their families every year.