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Housing & Homelessness Services

We believe that a safe and stable home is the foundation for building a better life.

There are a range of circumstances which mean people find themselves homeless, including family breakdown, addictions, mental and physical ill health and leaving prison or hospital.

We want homelessness to be a brief transitory period in someone’s life,  not a permanent label or a cycle from which people find it hard to escape.

Our homelessness services provide a safe place to stay, help to sort out practical issues and strengths based support.

The ultimate aim is for people to transition out of homelessness and tough times in their lives quickly and positively, with a whole new community based network of support built around them ready for the next bump in the road.

  Need help now?

Changing Lives is not an emergency access provider. Referral to our accommodation services is usually made through your local authority housing team.

If you are in urgent need of advice:

Contact the national housing charity Shelter: https://england.shelter.org.uk/get_help

If you need to find your local authority:

Find their details in the Gov.uk council directory

If you have a query about a Changing Lives accommodation project:

Contact our Central Office and we will direct you to the right person.
T: 0191 273 8891

E: central.office@changing-lives.org.uk

Accommodation provision

Support and outreach

Work with us

We regularly develop new programmes based on the ideas and views of the people we work with, statutory partners and others.

If you’d like to discuss service development opportunities, contact: alex.shirley@changing-lives.org.uk.

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Find out more about our services in our Service Directory.

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