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Theory of change

Changing Lives’ Theory of Change – Being, Becoming, Belonging – is a three-stage model of change which every one of our wide range of services uses as a foundation to help people to transform their lives.

Each stage is equally important to ensure sustained wellbeing, move-on from services and a fulfilling, flourishing life.

The Theory of Change is not a specific method or tool to work with people. We have many tools and approaches, including group work (therapeutic, peer-support and education), one to one support, strengths based coaching, employment coaching, Psychologically Informed Environments, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy, structured rehabilitation and so on.

The Theory of Change is an underpinning framework which we use ensure our services are meeting the aspirations and needs of the people we work with, communicate the diversity and impact of our work, and try to influence policy which affects the people we work with.

How has it been developed?

Our Theory of Change has been developed through consultation with people who use our services, learning from our front-line staff and exploring current research and best practice as well as many years of experience delivering frontline services.

This has helped us to understand what happens when we see genuine internal transformation and new relational identities for people rather than superficial change which is rarely sustained.

What does it mean for me?

All Changing Lives’ services fit within the Theory of Change. There may be some services which are commissioned specifically to provide just one stage. However, this support is provided with an understanding and mindfulness of the wider context and end-to-end journey for each individual we support.

Being, Becoming, Belonging can be used in any way that is useful to services and the people we are working with, including to reflect on the service offer and how it meets the three stages, alone or in partnership, and as a way of simply communicating what the service offers.

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