Theory Of Change

How We Work - Being, Becoming, Belonging & Beyond

Changing Lives’ Theory of Change – Being, Becoming, Belonging & Beyond – is a framework that every one of our wide range of services uses as a foundation to help people to transform their lives, developed in consultation with people we support and all of our staff teams.

Our Framework

Changing Lives supports people facing the most challenging of circumstances to make positive and lasting change in their lives.

We follow a framework called Being, Becoming, Belonging & Beyond (BBBB) to guide our work and develop our services.

This framework ensures that no matter which door someone enters through at Changing Lives, our response is guided by BBBB principles.

  • Being - We help people feel safe and accepted
  • Becoming - We help people understand and overcome trauma and other experiences
  • Belonging - We enable people to feel safe and belong in the spaces we provide and move away from services & find long term support networks
  • Beyond - We work to ensure that other services and the wider system support people’s progress
  • Responding to immediate crisis - We work with people no matter what is happening for them, with acceptance and belief in the potential for positive change.
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BBBB is not a linear process, it describes the elements we put in place to help people overcome challenges caused by social injustice.

BBBB has been developed through consultation with people who use our services, learning from our front-line staff and exploring current research and best practice as well as many years of experience delivering frontline services. This has helped us to understand what happens when we see genuine internal transformation and new relational identities for people.

BBBB brings together and simplifies the evidence-based theories and approaches we use:

  • Trauma Informed Care - how we recognise and respond to trauma and build empowering relationships.
  • Strengths Based Working - how we help people identify ‘what’s strong not what’s wrong’ to create a vision for their future.
  • Psychologically Informed Environments - how we create safe, inclusive, and welcoming spaces for where people can recover.
  • Place-based working - how we recognise that people live in communities and use a range of different services, and work in partnership in local areas.
  • Systems Change - how we use insights gained from working with people to influence local and national change.