Today is International Children's Day, a day to celebrate and recognise the rights and wellbeing of children. In this blog, Sharon Wilson, manager of our Changing Little Lives Crèche in Doncaster, talks about the vital work of her team.

Changing Little Lives Crèche is a service within Changing Lives Doncaster Women’s Centre and Community Hub. Any parents accessing our services in Doncaster are entitled to a free childcare place. Many of the women we work with would not be able to attend our services without this support.

The crèche team work with vulnerable children from Doncaster and surrounding areas. Due to the nature of the centre our children require a high level of support. They are living within families experiencing poor mental health, addiction, crime, immigration, poverty and many other complex needs. The work is challenging but incredibly rewarding. Our crèche workers have a wealth of experience working with children and families from disadvantaged backgrounds and excluded groups, taking a trauma-informed approach to childcare and therapeutic intervention. Child protection and safeguarding vulnerable adults and children is always paramount within our service.

We aim to have a positive influence on the children, parents and community by;

  • Building trusting relationships
  • Enabling Access to services
  • Working alongside and supporting multi professional agencies
  • Establishing boundaries, promoting respect, diversity and inclusion.
  • Creating positive links within the local community.
  • Being a highly motivated, well managed team accessing all relevant training.

Changing Little Lives Crèche can be the first experience of support or services for the children and their families. Our team is dedicated to building relationships and developing skills with families which they can use for their personal development, take with them back to their communities, or help them moving forward into education or employment.

Specific personality traits are fundamental when working with vulnerable children such as empathy, patience, flexibility, affection and a good sense of humour.  Some children can take a while to settle, so we help and support families until children realise we are a safe space.

The team are very proud of the work we do. Working with vulnerable children is challenging but most definitely rewarding in so many ways.

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