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Policy Work

Changing Lives influences policy and practice to improve the lives of people who are the most disadvantaged. This may include experiences of homelessness, addiction, abuse and exploitation, contact with the criminal justice system, long-term unemployment and more.

We draw on our research, the expertise of our teams, and the experiences of people with lived experience to help tackle the root causes of disadvantage, and influence systems and services to better support people when times are tough.

To find out more, contact Philippa Rousell, Policy Manager, on philippa.rousell@changing-lives.org.uk

Our influencing principles

  • We influence by doing – through delivery of our services, and working closely with commissioners, we develop and demonstrate innovative practice.
  • We listen and involve – we are informed by listening to and understanding the realities of people’s lived experience, and involving the people we support in influencing change.
  • We share our learning – we are a reflective organisation, and we use what we have learned to share insights and expertise that can inform policy.
  • We are collaborative – we support other organisations to influence change, where it will make a positive difference to the people we support, and we encourage others to support our own efforts to influence in change within our unique areas of expertise.
  • We are gender-informed – we believe that gender inequality is structural and systemic, and that policy must recognise women’s lived experience of inequality.
  • We are solutions-focused – working constructively with decision makers to achieve our ambitions for the people we support.
  • We are responsible – we take seriously our responsibilities to support a thriving voluntary sector, and seek to positively influence the environment within which the sector operates for the benefit of all charities.

The STAGE Project

The STAGE Project began in 2019, bringing together charities Changing Lives, GROW, A Way Out, Together Women, Basis and WomenCentre to provide trauma-informed support for women who have been groomed for sexual exploitation across the North East and Yorkshire. The partnership also works together to influence change to policy and practice at local and national levels, to systematically improve outcomes for these women.

STAGE Resources

Consultation Responses

Changing Lives submitted evidence in response to the Government’s Covid-19 Enquiry, highlighting the impact of the pandemic on the people we support. You can read our full response here

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