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Personal Transitions Service

Housing and Homelessness

Introduction to Service

The purpose of the Personal Transitions Service is to work in conjunction with our accommodation services across the North East to complement and enhance the support we already offer to people, in partnership with Mayday Trust.

It is the role of the coach to focus on:

  • Allowing and encouraging people to take control and be responsible for their own lives
  • Create opportunities where a person can evidence for themselves that they can achieve and that they are not failures
  • Finding that spark that helps people to have hope for the future and start to imagine a different vision for what they want to do with their life

Key Information

We offer:

  • Trusting relationships based on mutual respect
  • Regular face-to-face coaching sessions, leading to the creation of an asset plan
  • Brokering opportunities for people based on their strengths
  • Introductory activities outside the homelessness network to help people move on with positive friendships

How to access

If you would like to refer someone please use the contact details below.


Gateshead/Durham/South Tyneside/Northumberland:

How to contact

Please get in touch using the contact details below.

Call us

07841 776 177 (South of Tyne) / 07940 535 822 (North of Tyne)

07841 776 177 (South of Tyne)
07940 535 822 (North of Tyne)

Are you eligible?

The PTS supports Changing Lives residents in our accommodation services across Newcastle, Gateshead, Northumberland, South Tyneside and Durham.

Not eligible for this service?

Check out our service index below to find all of the services we currently offer which you can filter by location, service type and also by type of referral. Click "I am referring myself, a friend or a family member" to find services you can personally refer to.

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