Birthdays with Impact...Celebrate by Changing Lives!

It's your birthday, but this year, could you give the gift of change?

Instead of presents, ask your loved ones to donate to Changing Lives in your honour. Every contribution helps us to change the lives of people facing homelessness, abuse, long-term unemployment and those in recovery.

Hold a collection at your party

Have a collection box or bucket at your party and ask guests to give a donation if they have any spare cash. We also have donation envelopes that you can put on your tables to collect cash donations too.

You can order your collection materials by emailing our fundraising team.

Set a birthday fundraising target

You could set a fundraising target – for example, to raise £400 for your 40th birthday. There are a couple of easy ways to ask for donations instead of gifts.

  1. Set up a Just Giving page- share it with your friends and family so they can start donating.
  2. Set up a Facebook page- you can spread the word to your friends and family that you're raising money for Changing Lives

Share your online giving page with your guests in advance. This is a great way to encourage guests to donate on your birthday and help you reach your fundraising goal or you can print out a unique QR code that people can scan to make cashless donations. Find out how to download your fundraising page QR code here.

Send a birthday eCard

Don't have time to go to the shops and buy a stamp? Send them a birthday eCard - it's quick and easy and helps change lives!