Say "I Do" to Changing Lives!

Planning your dream wedding? Consider making it extra special by asking your guests to donate to Changing Lives in lieu of wedding gifts.

Tell your guests you're supporting Changing Lives

Start your fundraising by adding a message into your invitations telling your guests why you've chosen to support Changing Lives for your wedding or civil partnership.

The message could also include a link to your JustGiving page or online Gift List.

Collections on the day.

Cash collections

Have a collection box or bucket at your wedding or civil partnership and ask guests to give a donation if they have any spare cash. We also have donation envelopes that you can put on your tables to collect cash donations too. You can order your collection materials by emailing our fundraising team.

Cashless collections

If you have a JustGiving fundraising page, you can print out a unique QR code that people can scan to make cashless donations. Find out how to download your fundraising page QR code here.

After your wedding

If you've collected extra donations on the day of your wedding or civil partnership, please remember to pay them in so we can thank you and your guests for your generosity. Find out how to pay in your donations here.

If you are sending out thank you cards to people who attended, you could also include a link to your fundraising page.