Game to Change Lives

Do you spend your free time with a controller in your hand playing your favourite video game? Why not turn your hobby into positive action by supporting Changing Lives on Twitch? Game to Change Lives by live streaming – follow our simple How To guide below to find out how to get involved.

Getting started on Twitch

Firstly, you’ll need to set up a Twitch account if you haven’t got one already. All the tips you need, including some pointers on how to optimise your channel and set up, can be found here: Quick Start Guide to Streaming on Twitch. Once you're signed up, you can stream whenever you want and fundraise while you go!

How to fundraise on Twitch

Here are some simple steps for you to start fundraising on your live stream.

  • Firstly, identify which fundraising platform you will use to link to your Twitch account. Twitch fundraising is optimised by using Tiltify. You can get started here - Tiltify - Made for Fundraisers. Once you are signed up, you can begin fundraising for Changing Lives by clicking here.
  • Set a fundraising goal – you can do this on Twitch and through the fundraising platform you use. If you are new to streaming, set a goal that is realistic for your friends and family to support you. You can continuously increase goals or stretch them later. Just be sure to prepare the goals before your event!
  • Milestones and incentives are similar to goals, but can drive donations. So for example, if your goal is to raise £250, you can say “for every £50, I will…”. Get creative – streaming is a very interactive form of fundraising and alternating milestones or incentives are a tried and tested way of keeping your chat engaged and donating!
  • Hype up your charity stream. Gather some information about Changing Lives from the website or by asking the fundraising team so that you can raise awareness while you go. Reach out to your community in advance and post on social media to spread the word of your gaming event!
  • Extensions are interactive overlays that integrate your fundraising platform with your stream. Some examples of extensions and what they do are listed below. They display who you are fundraising for, your goals, give viewers the ability to directly donate through the extension and keep all of your campaign incentives in one place. Check out the Tiltify fundraising extension and the JustGiving progress bar to see what they can offer!

If you have any questions or need any additional support please contact the fundraising team at 07857501821 or Good luck with your fundraising stream!