Charity Of The Year

Charity partnerships have a significant impact on the support we provide at Changing Lives whilst adding value to your organisation. By supporting us, you join our team of life-changers; big-hearted individuals who are passionate about social change, equality and making a difference.

Partnerships can help bring your employees together to show the enthusiasm and commitment they have and provide an ongoing opportunity to unite emotively with employees around causes that resonate with them. This goes a long way towards employee engagement, attraction and retainment.

Our Corporate Fundraising Manager will work with you to create, design and manage an innovative partnership involving all of your stakeholders to ensure you meet the aims and objectives of your business. They will support you through your fundraising, provide press support, social media promotion, a fundraising guide full of ideas, t-shirts, volunteering opportunities at our projects, project tours and lunch and learn sessions.


Get in touch with our Corporate Fundraising Manager Alice to discuss how you can support Changing Lives: 07548 218 139 or

Nominating Changing Lives

Making a nomination to put Changing Lives name into the hat to become the next Charity Partner at your organisation? We have put together following example text for you to submit:

I feel it’s essential that we offer Changing Lives our support over the next 12 months. Changing Lives is a nationwide charity helping people facing the most challenging of circumstances make positive change – for good. They believe that everyone deserves a safe home, a rewarding job, and a life free from addiction, exploitation, and abuse. Through their four service areas – Housing and Homelessness, Drug and Alcohol Recovery, Women and Children and Employment – they aim to help as many people as possible towards a brighter, more inclusive future. They know that with the right support, everyone can reach their potential and change their life for the better.