Support Changing Lives through volunteering.

One-off tasks are a great opportunity to get your staff out of the office and into hands-on, result-orientated team work. Perfect for team building and giving staff a real sense of satisfaction.

Get in touch with our Corporate Fundraising Manager Alice to discuss how you can support Changing Lives through volunteering: 07548 218 139 or

Benefits for you and your employees

Corporate Volunteering has many benefits for not only Changing Lives but also for the employer and the employee! A few benefits include:

  • Skilled Support. Giving Changing Lives access to skilled support whether this be marketing, operational or fundraising.
  • Engagement.  Text: Volunteering can help create more engaged employees which can lead to improved productivity, employee satisfaction and higher morale.
  • Opportunities. Volunteering can provide opportunities that may not have been readily available within the workplace to help improve employee skills and personal development. For example, leadership, learning or different resources can give employees a fresh perspective, a chance to grow and can also stimulate creativity.
  • Satisfaction. Involving employees in volunteering can help increase satisfaction which can strengthen their relationships with fellow employees and within the company itself.
  • Personal benefits. Breaking out of comfort zones and giving them meaningful way to use skills can help make employees feel valued and allows them to see just how important their skills are.
  • Recruitment and retention. An effective corporate volunteering experience can help to attract, engage, motivate and retain a motivated workforce.

Volunteering Feedback