Coronavirus continues to affect everyday life in a way we have never seen before in the UK, and many of you will now be spending a lot more time at home than you ever have.

What is helping you fill your time? Netflix? Conversation with loved ones? Phone calls to friends or colleagues? What would you do to occupy yourself if you didn’t have the items that make these pastimes possible? For many using our services, none of these are available and the risks due to this have never been higher. Some examples of the people this lack of technology during lockdown effects include:

  • People experiencing domestic abuse, who may have no way of contacting for help in an environment where they are now more vulnerable to violence in their own home. A mobile phone would go a long way in providing emotional support to these individuals.
  • People who have recently been or are due to be released from prison, who are moving to live on their own with a risk of homelessness, addiction or reoffending. A TV or internet connection may be the difference in keeping them occupied and their mental health in a sound state.
  • People who are in our homelessness accommodation, who often have multiple and complex mental health issues, who would benefit from having our staff able to contact them for social support.

We are looking for donations of technology items, or cash donations to spend on these items, to help people facing extreme difficulties during the coronavirus lockdown and provide them with a little relief. If you want to find out more or are interested in donating for technology items during the coronavirus crisis, please get in touch at

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