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Transforming Together

'Transforming Together: Building place-based networks to improve services for women' is a new phase to our Transforming Services for Women's Futures project, in partnership with Agenda Alliance.

Thanks to funding from Smallwood Trust, Transforming Together will focus on building a resilient network of local practitioners in the North-East, offering a model for collaborative systems-change.

In partnership with Agenda Alliance, we will build and develop a network of practitioners and women of multiple unmet need in the North East.

This network will work together to implement real change for the most marginalised women in the region, by enacting the recommendations from our recent Dismantling Disadvantage (July 2023) report. 

Transforming Together recognises and responds to the need for systems-change within public services, to provide better support for women experiencing multiple unmet needs in the North East.

It emerges from the collaborative research approach which was the foundation of Dismantling Disadvantage, examining the experiences of women who engage with support services in Northumberland and Wear.

The work brought together a network of local practitioners and women with lived experience based in the North East to collectively develop recommendations for local systems-change.

These recommendations covered five key areas:

Members of the network will work together to understand the barriers to implementing these recommendations and identify how they can be broken down locally.

Transforming Together will continue to facilitate this network over 20 months in pursuit of achieving these recommendations.

As a result, we will foster a resilient, supportive network of local authority, health, criminal justice, voluntary and community partners to grow, with the capacity and tools to enact real change within the services they belong to.

Longer term, we hope this project will demonstrate the power of co-production and embedding lived experience across public service design. We will also be sharing learning throughout the project to offer a model for how devolution could assume a collaborative, whole-systems approach to better support women with multiple unmet needs.

The project was funded by Smallwood Trust.