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Partner with Us

Changing Lives has nearly 50 years experience of in delivering services to people facing the most challenging of circumstances. We are proud to work with public sector agencies, private sector organisations, grant-makers and fellow charities, to develop and deliver services that create lasting change. We would love to hear from any potential partners that can collaborate with us to deliver innovative services in the fields of housing and homelessness; drug and alcohol services; employment and training; and women and children’s services.

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Public Sector

Changing Lives deliver services on behalf of the public sector across England. We provide evidence-based expert services that meet the needs of commissioners, communities and the people that we serve. We understand that commissioners face a range of challenges, including achieving value for money and delivering meaningful and lasting results. Our services are based on the principles of co-production, identifying need through peer research, co-produced solutions with the people that use the services and co-delivering interventions that meet their needs.

Strategic Partnerships

Changing Lives is always interested in hearing from other charities and organisations that can support our vision for the communities we serve. We are committed to supporting grassroots organisations and maintaining vital services across the country and have successfully led on a number of high-impact and high profile partnerships in recent years, including STAGE and Fulfilling Lives NewcastleGateshead. Whether you are planning to launch a new campaign or service and are looking for partners, or are looking for back-office support or merger opportunities, we are happy to chat.

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Charitable Foundations

Our life-changing work would not be possible without the financial support of grant-making organisations. The people who use our services have benefited greatly from the generosity of grant-making bodies who have supported Changing Lives to innovate and maintain our services. If you or your organisation would like to know more about Changing Lives, our work and the impact you can have by providing financial support, please accept our open invitation to visit us and discuss ideas.

Academic Partnerships through Student Attachments

Changing Lives is committed to the principles of academic partnerships and working closely with the learning establishments within our communities in order to develop their students and also our colleagues in the support of the students.

Download the form below to apply for a student attachment at Changing Lives as part of your course requirements, and find our Student Attachment Procedure.

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"Before Changing Lives became involved I had a breakdown, lost my children and life seemed pointless. I couldn’t leave the house and my anxiety was at an all-time high. 11 months on I’m due to start college and I’ve booked some driving lessons. My advisor has supported me every step of the way. She’s completely changed my outlook on life and given me the tools to manage whatever’s thrown my way.

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When I first started working with Changing Lives, I was at a dead-end with my life. I was addicted to drugs and drink, involved in crime and bad influences, mentally unstable, and on the verge of suicide, just feeling hopeless with no other way out. All I needed was one chance to prove that change is possible and to have a “normal” life. With support from Changing Lives, I have been able to accomplish this. Working with them has added stability and care into my life, enabling me to become drug/drink free."

Received one-to-one support


 “Alcohol recovery services have given me a cycle of support. I used the services to help overcome addiction and now I am giving back and getting a different kind of support. It shows that there is life after addiction and I’m looking forward to getting employment using my knowledge and experience.”

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If you would like to discuss how we can work together, we’d love to hear from you. Please contact our Director of Business Development, Alex Shirley.

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