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Partner with Changing Lives

Changing Lives is proud to partner with a wide range of organisations.

We would love to hear from any potential partners that can collaborate with us to deliver innovative services in the fields of: housing and homelessness; drug and alcohol services; employment; and women and children’s services.

“Oasis Aquila Housing has partnered with Changing Lives for several years and in multiple projects, most recently the Newcastle-Gateshead Rough Sleepers SIB and the Fulfilling Lives Programme. What we appreciate about these partnerships is our ability to be frank and open with the Changing Lives team about the operational side of the projects, whilst being trusted to get on with our deliverables. It’s a mature relationship, and we value that. Partnering with Changing Lives also gives OAH a reach and clout that we don’t always have at our scale, and this has proven invaluable at times.”

David Smith, CEO, Oasis Aquila Housing

We would like to hear from you if

  • You are experts in any of our key areas:
    • Drug and alcohol services
    • Employment services
    • Housing and homelessness
    • Women and children’s services
  • You share our vision to help vulnerable people change their lives for the better
  • You can demonstrate exceptional outcomes for the people you work with
  • You are proactive, people-focused professionals like us

Find out more

We hope you find the information elsewhere on this site useful. You’ll be able to read more about us and what motivates us on the About Us page, and learn about our services in our Service Directory.

If you would like to talk to us about partnering with Changing Lives, please contact Dr Alex Shirley at

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