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On the last day of #RecoveryMonth our Head of Recovery, Andy Ryan, shares his reflections on how recovery can happen in our communities when we are connected with empathy, kindness and compassion.

“I just wanted to share a short reflection on a conversation I was part of the other day. I left this conversation with a sense of affirmation, inspiration and passion. It was a simple conversation, but powerful in the experiences and the understanding being shared.

The subject being discussed was addiction – but everyone involved started from a place of believing that addiction, dependency or whatever the chosen terminology, was merely a term that has been used to describe the adaptation or activity that someone finds themselves engaged in as an attempt to make living life somehow possible or in even worse scenarios, survivable.

The rest of the conversation was about how to safely separate from this bond in the least traumatic way, I suppose the common term I use for this is recovery. We are now in a position with more learning filtering through our collective understanding around trauma, attachment, connection, adaptation, life chances and so much more that we could, with enough positive energy and investment change the way we not only view addiction but how we offer support to anyone who reaches out.

The beauty of this whole conversation was that we discussed how changes had occurred in our lives, there were some really powerful moments of connection that explored what actually happens in connection that helps the therapeutic reframing of beliefs about self and the world. This concluded with a connected and shared moment of gratitude that when these internal reframing experiences occur, being addicted too, dependent on or seeking relief from something that would only increase the suffering no longer feels like it makes sense…..the cycle is interrupted and hope can breathe deeper.

Recovery is possible, in your time, at your pace, relevant to your life and the people you are connected too. Recovery happens together in our communities when we are connected with empathy, kindness and compassion. Let’s be curious not critical when we can.”

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