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Lisa secured her dream job and is now working for a Digital Support company that works with people with disabilities all over the UK, where she is responsible for managing the entire northern region of the organisation.   

But, just two years ago, she was in a very different situation. Lisa came to Moving on Tyne and Wear, our employability partnership, to rebuild her confidence after the service was suggested to her by her GP.

Lisa had previously worked for the civil service, but her career took a downturn after being made redundant seven years ago.

Lisa had struggled to get back into work and was also suffering from PTSD, anxiety and depression, making it extremely difficult for her. Although she was getting some help from talking therapies, she was still in the early stages of her recovery when she self-referred to the Programme.

Over the weeks and months, Lisa started feeling better. She attended Job Club and came to Jobs Fayre’s with her Navigator. The team also signposted her towards suitable job vacancies and Smartworks, who provided her interview training and some new outfits to attend interviews. Lisa also worked with our Employer Engagement team, including interview skills and CV Design.

The team were thrilled when they heard that Lisa had felt confident enough on her own to apply for jobs and had landed a very sort after job. Her hard work and strength shows that it is possible to change your life and create a better future. We are very proud of everything she has achieved. 

Lisa said:

“I found Moving on Tyne and Wear at a difficult point in my life. Having been made redundant and suffering from PTSD, I was struggling to find my direction in life. I was recommended MOTW by a GP, and it was difficult to reach out as it’s always hard to admit you need help, but I’m really glad I did! Steven, my navigator, and the MOTW team were extremely supportive from the outset, letting me engage with their service in my own way. They were brilliant at recommending jobs and also helping with progressing applications. Their drop-in sessions were a handy place to be introduced to other agencies who could help me too. They encouraged me and gave me the confidence to find a job which matched my skills, personality and future aspirations. I’m now about to start an amazing job which I’m very excited about. MOTW really is a great service with a lovely team behind it.”

Changing Lives is one of the charity partners delivering Moving on Tyne and Wear employability support. It is committed to helping people overcome the barriers that have prevented them from finding work or getting training before. If you would like to access support or find out more information about this service please see here.

*Names have been changed to protect the identity of people that use our services

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