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The last year has been tough for a lot of people, and we’ve seen more people than ever needing the support of charities like Changing Lives. Our recovery teams recently found a unique way to lift their spirits and spread a little joy….

Angela, one of our counsellors, said: “During lockdown I had a friendship bubble. My friend stated if she learnt anything during the lockdown she wanted to learn to do this dance, not make sourdough! She showed me the original then many versions of people all over the world, from all walks of life doing it and recording themselves. There were fire crews, schools, airline staff, nuns, plumbers, so I thought our team could do it. I loved it, the energy the rhythm, the feeling of joy.

“The original song was sung by Master KG, featuring a singer called Nomcebo. The main lyric is “Ngilondoloze” which in English means “save me”. I just loved it. I put it to the team and people were on board.”

Very quickly other people decided to get involved and what began as one project team quickly spread to all our recovery services across the North East and Yorkshire. They began to practice and had a lot of fun learning and laughing along the way.

Angela continued: “It certainly lifted our spirits after such a tough year and I hope it did with others. The end result is amazing and shows connection really is the key.”

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