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Over 55’s experiencing homelessness in Sunderland are set to benefit from a £6,000 donation from iamproperty to Changing Lives.

Newcastle based employees of iamproperty are aiming to increase the amount raised to over £10,000 by the end of the year, further helping Changing Lives’ Hope Project.

Through various fundraising projects, running challenges, golf activities and fun days, the property company’s kind-hearted staff have worked tirelessly to raise funds for their ‘Charity of the Year’, which will directly benefit those over 55 experiencing homeless in Sunderland.

The number of elderly people becoming homeless in England has risen by 100% over the last seven years and people over the age of 60 are now twice as likely to register with councils as homeless.

Many of these individuals lost their homes through relationship breakdown, job loss or ill mental health and are now sleeping rough or living in non-supported hostel accommodation.

The Hope Project found that within temporary accommodation there were many people who had been overlooked and were receiving no specialist support, with regard to their housing situation and needs. Many of the individuals have unmet physical and mental health needs and suffer loneliness and isolation.

It is the aim of The Hope Project to support these vulnerable elderly members of our society back into permanent sustainable homes.

Changing Lives’ dedicated support worker conducts research into suitable private hostels and B&B’s to get those the project helps housed in permanent, suitable accommodation with follow on support and ties with other health and social outlets.

The money raised by iamproperty will enable Changing Lives’ support worker to provide clothing vouchers, take the individuals out for day trips or even lunch, as well as covering phone and travel costs, which helps reduce the isolation and loneliness so commonly felt.

In addition to the £3,300 raised in 2019 so far, iamproperty employees have created personal and kitchen packs that contain everyday items such as crockery, toiletries, towels and cleaning products. These packages will make a huge difference to people using the Hope Project’s services as they move into their permanent accommodation.

Amy McAlpine, Charity Chairperson at iamproperty said:

“Changing Lives stood out to us as a charity partner because it tackles a number of challenging issues that people in our local community face every day.

We were blown away by the selfless and committed team at the HOPE Project and are pleased our collection and fundraising contributions will help them to continue the fantastic and much needed support for elderly homeless men and women in Sunderland.

We enjoy working with the team at Changing Lives, exploring new ways to support the charity and the people they help.”

Stephen Bell, OBE, Chief Executive at Changing Lives said:

“We are extremely grateful that the dedicated staff at iamproperty have chosen Changing Lives as their charity of the year for two years running.

The funds they have raised make a huge difference to the wellbeing of elderly people in Sunderland living in unsuitable accommodation. Through the hard work of our support workers and the charitable donation from iamproperty, we are able to provide permanent and safe accommodation for more people.”

Could your business give vital aid to highly vulnerable people by supporting Changing Lives? Find out ways corporate supporters can get involved

We offer a range of accommodation and support for people experiencing homelessness. We provide a safe place to stay, help to sort out practical issues and deliver tailored strengths-based support. Find out more about our Housing & Homelessness services.

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