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Changing Lives staff shared their expertise of supporting women with experience of the criminal justice system at an event organised by The Cleveland and Durham Local Criminal Justice Partnership this week.

“Improving Outcomes for Females: Criminal Justice Journey – Positive Pathways & Making a Difference” brought together North East organisations including the Durham Tees Valley Community Rehabilitation Company, the National Probation Service, the Office of the Durham Police, Crime and Victim’s Commissioner, and charities from the women’s sector, to discuss female offending, effective ways to divert women away from the criminal justice system, and how to maximise the use of community-based interventions to promote rehabilitation and aid recovery.

Our Head of Women’s Services Laura McIntyre and Lisa Boyack, Changing Lives Service Manager for Women and Criminal Justice North East (pictured) presented an overview of the support we offer and discussed how the criminal justice services in the North East played a huge part in our growth and development.

Our trauma-informed and strengths-based approach focuses on empowering women to meet their individual needs, with the aim of diverting from prosecution and prison, and reducing the likelihood of reoffending. Laura and Lisa spoke about our Theory of Change, the understanding of trauma that underpins all of our work, and the vital role of women-specific services.

Changing Lives Women’s Criminal Justice services were first established in Newcastle in 2008. Since then we have grown to deliver support across the North East, Yorkshire and the Midlands.  Read more about our Women and Children’s services here

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