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A Day in The Life of Tam: a short story by Tam MacTavish supported by Changing Lives Oaktrees

As part of our #50YearsOfChangingLives celebrations, this year we held a creative writing workshop for people supported by Changing lives services.

We thought what better way to mark our 50th Anniversary than to give the people we support an opportunity to express themselves through writing, share their experiences and create something we can look back on for years to come.

This weeks creative piece is a short story by Tam MacTavish supported at our Oaktrees recovery project.

A day in the life of Tam

Withoot Drink, Thanks tae Oak trees

Well here we go again, “Up and at them” I say it like it’s a hassle but nae way it’s great, Ye know that feelin ye get when ye wake up and don’t have tae go straight in the fridge fer a can o beer tae stoap yersel fae bein sick eh! Naw ye probably don’t.

Anyway its 6am and I’ve looked oot the windae, It’s a great day. It’s no rainin, it’s not hot and it’s no too cauld A dinnae mind the cauld despite my chest problems, I seem tae get mair infections in the summer hence I don’t like the summer hot days this is just grand ,I’ve got my sannies (sandwiches) tae yous av made them the night before they’re in the fridge all wrapped, My flask is full of Tea its 3 litres so a don’t get thirsty and some biscuits, and am off doon the Yard.

Av got a Narrow Boat ye see it’s a project av got on the go I’m gaunnie fix it up and make it sailable since I’ve had it it takes ma mind oaf the drink, and keeps me occupied and I do the hours tae suit masel nae commitments. Nae doubt ma wee brother will be doon at some point tae chew the fat and lend a hand, A like Eckie thinks he knows it all and tells it how it is Even though it’s my boat he thinks half of its his, Dream on, he tells me how when its ready we can make it earn its keep by transportin goods down the canals tae other people who have ran oot of anything contraband  the lot I just let him waffle oan and tell him were no playin that game anymair, Its oan the straight and Narra oan the Narrie boat but nae harm done gein yer mind a treat eh! Christ is that the time awready better get hame.

Get Zoom oan in time fer the NA/AA meetins tae remind masel am no infallible tae the Demons, I’m lucky really when ye hear some of the stories yer heart goes oot tae them and but fer the grace of God there go I, Here’s golsen boy comin now, glad the meetings finished it’s a private thing where am concerned and its 2 o’clock already how time flys when yer dain something ye like. A pour me and Eckie a cuppa and we have some Sannies before a let him dae aw the hard graft, Ye would hae thought he would have twigged by now, A just act like a cannie dae it and boy wonder jumps in showin oaf his brute strength efter aw the trainin in the Jail while a delegate what’s what, keeps him oot o trouble n gives me peace of mind knowing that hes no in trouble eh!

Well that’s enough hard graft fer the day and homeward bound there’s nae hurry fer the boat its ongoin besides wae knows whats gaunni happen when its finished eh! A might just take Eckie up oan his idea get the Jolly Roger flag up and the big sign ”NAE POLIS ALLOWED OAN THIS BOAT TRESPASSERS WILL GET DONE IN NAE MISTAKE” and we will sail forth. Mind it’s a good thought but in all honesty, if they came and we wer up tae something wee would be better jumpin overboard and runnin like Fuck it goes aboot 5 miles an hour and that’s it souped up Ha Ha! And the amount o names we thought up what tae call the boat are untrue fekkin hilarious, The Soggy Blart, the drippin minge the lists endless and all double entendres  we can go on all day just crackin oan aboot that. That’s why av no described it the boat that is its naewer near finished a long way tae go yet but hay ho! There’s always tomorrow fer he who cares not a Jot!

And that’s another day gone withoot a Bevvie and dae ye want the truth am actually startin tae enjoy life withoot it so heres hopin and in God we trust ………..wish that wis true its fekkin murder and the bigman up the stairs is nae wer in sight Still In God we trust ye never know he might pop his head up sometime yet …….

To be continued

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