We are delighted to announce that Changing Lives has recently partnered with IE hub, a free, online application that makes completing your Income and Expenditure easier and more convenient. The application allows people to share their Income and Expenditure information with multiple companies, as well as putting them in control of their financial information.

Having use of this application enables Changing Lives and our services users to easily share information with each other. Our advisors can have discussions with the person to help them understand their priorities and ensure they have a budget which is realistic and sustainable. They will always in control of their budget and can manage changes as the need arises. This will help to build ownership and awareness of their overall financial situation and improve their financial capability.

Once the budget is complete they can choose to share this with creditors quickly and securely, helping them to engage with multiple organisations and discuss their debts.

Val Bell- Head of Employment and Enterprise at Changing Lives said:

“I am delighted to be working in partnership with IE Hub, the income and expenditure support is vital in helping us support people manage their budgets effectively and the tool is so simple to use.”

 Mark McElvanney – Sales Director at IE Hub said:

Having worked for a charity for many years I understand the demand that is placed on funding and the priority that is given to the delivery of core services, this can often be at the expense of new processes or systems.  It’s great to be able to give our systems to Changing Lives for free to help do more for client”.

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