Changing Lives are proud to support the FAVORUK Declaration of Rights as fundamental pillars to effective care for people accessing drug and alcohol services. Changing Lives’ Area Manager James Ward said:

“Changing Lives strives to ensure service users and their families are involved and empowered whilst receiving the highest level of services.  We acknowledge however that there is still work to do in the face of financial restrictions, especially in relation to promoting abstinence based recovery, challenging the stigma of addiction and ensuring well informed political representation for people who can be disenfranchised through addiction.  We look forward to supporting Faces and Voices of Recovery UK in continuing to promote these principles.”


Changing Lives offers a number of dedicated addiction and recovery services across Tyne and Wear, Northumberland, and York. We work with adults who are thinking about abstinence from drugs, alcohol, or substitute medications, and those who are taking active steps towards it. This includes our 12-week abstinence-based day programmes using one-to-one counselling, group therapy, meetings and workshops.

Changing Lives also provide a range of day centres where people in recovery, or considering their options, can meet others, and get on-going support. Volunteers in recovery themselves play a vital role in the running of these services, as well as others in their journey. These services also offer remote support such as our telephone recovery service and text message support service, and peer and family support.

In recognition of the specific needs of women and children, Changing Lives offers a specialist accommodation project for mothers at various stages of addiction, helping them maintain or rebuild relationships with their children. We focus on recovery-orientated activities, building family links and eventual movement towards independent living in recovery from addiction. We can support women from an initial child protection conference onwards, and before and after detox, providing their aim is to keep or rebuild a relationship with their children.

Read more about the UK Recovery Declaration of Rights on the FAVORUK website:

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