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A generous donation of £500 has been given to Changing Lives specialist support for veterans in Newcastle and Gateshead, by charitable organisation The Order of Saint Joachim.

The donation will go to both Brims and Bibby House, which provides veterans with a range of specialist support, addressing the unique challenges facing people who have served in the armed forces. Both supported accommodation projects, provide tailored support for veterans who have experienced homelessness, helping them to readjust to life, overcome its challenges, and led a fulfilling life.

Many of Changing Lives staff have served in the armed forces themselves, giving them an awareness of the challenges many face. Support includes wellbeing initiatives, access to drug and alcohol support, and support with training, employment and voluntary work.

Service Manager Elaine Thompson said:
“We are so grateful for this generous donation to our Veteran’s services. It will make a real difference to the lives of our residents at Bibby and Brims House, who are under ever greater pressure at the moment during these turbulent times. We are really thankful to the Order of St Joachim for choosing to support Changing Lives.”

Saint Joachim was founded in 18th century Europe and The Order of St Joachim -continues today to raise funds for worthy causes around the world. They prefer to give donations “that will have the greatest impact on people’s lives. These usually include charities that support the homeless, ex-servicemen, hospitals, and children’s welfare.”
James Dickaty – a member of The Order of Saint Joachim and an Armed Forces veteran choose to donate to Changing Lives services as he is – “is keen to see the organisation develop and thrive in the Northeast of England, stressing its importance to those who have served in the armed forces.”

Trevor Haynes, UK Commander of The Order, said, “I am delighted that through the continuing generosity of our members in the UK we can contribute to the work of Changing Lives, which closely reflects the aims of our Order. In making this donation, I am proud to be able to bring the name of our Order to the north of England and hope this will spark local interest in us.”

If you would like more information on Changing Lives support for veterans please see here.

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