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A big thank you to food company, Greggs, who gave clients from Changing Lives the opportunity to enjoy a day at a bowling alley in Sunderland.

GreggsGreggs volunteering programme encourages managers to spend a day helping out in their local community. They kindly chose to spend their day with clients from Changing Lives’ services in Sunderland which included the Outreach and Women’s Hubs services. Through their generosity, clients were able to spend the day taking part in a bowling challenge.

The day gave clients the chance to meet new people, work in teams and build their confidence and self-esteem.
Opportunities such as this, give clients the opportunity to improve their social skills and life skills.

Some of the clients talked about the positives of being given the opportunity by Greggs:IMG_5369

“I’ve met loads of different people and it’s been a fun day out for everyone. It’s given me the chance to do something I wouldn’t normally do.”

“It’s been really great for morale. You’ve got to focus on the laughs and the good times.”

“I get to use my social skills and talk to different people.”

“It takes your mind off everything you are going through for a few hours. I’ve really enjoyed it.”

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