In celebration of this year’s International Women’s day, Changing Lives and North East musician Beccy Owen are proud to release an original soundtrack inspired by women who have experienced the Criminal Justice System.

The track Circles (Free but not Free) was released yesterday to mark International Women’s Day and is available for free download here

The song was written and produced by Beccy Owen alongside women taking part in the Free but not Free Programme last year, which was a creative rehabilitation programme for women who have been involved with the Criminal Justice System.

Talking about the song Beccy Owen said:

“The lyrics and the music you hear, whilst carved and shaped by me, are a direct response to the richness of the discussions that emerged amongst North East women in South Shields, Byker and George Street.

The resonances and images that emerged were powerful as the women began talking about their emotional and mental health, challenging circumstances and complex, emotional experiences.

It was an amazing thing to try to express all of this through music, and it was great to get such a positive sense of pride from the women in what we had made together.”

Free but not Free was a creative and heritage programme ran in partnership with Tyne & Wear Archive Museums and Northumbria CRC last year and funded by the Lottery Heritage Fund, which helped women on probation rediscover their identity and find purpose and meaning through the creative arts.

As part of the programme, the women told their stories through various mediums of art, from poetry to painting and music. They created their own honest archives telling their stories and experiences, which was presented at an event at Discovery Museum on the 22nd November. 

For more information about our services for women please see here

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