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As part of our #50YearsOfChangingLives celebrations, this year we held a creative writing workshop for people supported by Changing lives services.

Writing is an emotional outlet, it allows us to express ourselves, share experiences and can also be highly therapeutic.

Therefore we thought what better way to mark our 50th Anniversary than to give the people we support an opportunity to express themselves through writing, share their experiences and create something we can look back on for years to come.

The workshops provided a chance to learn about creative writing and explore various forms of writing from short stories and poetry.

We are now very excited to be able to showcase some of these wonderful creative works over the coming weeks.

Fairy Tale is a short story piece written by C who is being supported at our Oaktrees recovery service.

Fairy Tale

Once Upon a Time, there was a forest elf who didn’t think they needed anyone. He enjoyed being alone and taking care of himself and no one else. One day the elf got himself lost whilst out in the forest and couldn’t seem to find his way. Every path he took led to a dead end and he felt like he was getting nowhere. Eventually, he came across an elderly witch who offered to help him find his way. The elf was stubborn and reluctant to accept her help and went on his way. After several more attempts to make it on his own he saw the elder again. This time, he admitted defeat and when he was offered a helping hand he gladly accepted. They trekked through the murky forest for what seemed like a decade, conversing and getting to know one another. As they reached the end of the forest, the sun beaming through leading the way, the elf realised that he enjoyed the company of another and that without the help from the kind lady he wouldn’t have made it out of the forest without her. He knew at this moment that if he was offered help again he would gladly take up the offer.

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