We are pleased to announce that we have been awarded funding by the Health Foundation Innovating for Improvement Programme, for our West End Wellbeing Project.  Changing Lives led the bid on behalf of Newcastle Healthy Futures (NHF), which also includes three GP practices (Cruddas Park Surgery, Holmside Medical Group, West Road Medical Centre), Mental Health Concern, Newcastle University and Social Finance Ltd.

The grant will enable us to build the capacity of NHF so we can better meet the needs of our shared client group in the west end of Newcastle.  We will develop our combined health and social care workforce so they can work together in new ways and deliver place-based care across organisational boundaries.  We plan to deliver a range of health and wellbeing interventions, so we can:

  • Meet people’s needs more effectively, leading to more sustainable positive outcomes
  • Promote wellbeing and reduce the likelihood/severity of long-term conditions
  • Increase personal and community resilience
  • Reduce pressure on GPs so they can focus on core priorities
  • Test our innovative approach and share our findings

Guy Pilkington, GP and Chair of Newcastle Healthy Futures, said: “This is an exciting opportunity to help improve wellbeing for the residents of the west end of Newcastle and we will build upon our local experiences.

The Fulfilling Lives Experts by Experience Network have in-depth knowledge of the issues faced in accessing healthcare in this area, and highlighted the need for co-production of services, particularly across GP surgeries and mental health support.

Our involvement with Ways to Wellness has taught us about the beneficial effects of link work for people with long-term conditions. By learning from the knowledge and skills of all our partners we will develop a shared vision and a new model of place-based care.”

The Innovating for Improvement Programme supports projects with up to £75,000 in funding over 15 months, to test and develop innovative approaches to improve health care delivery.

Sarah Henderson, Assistant Director of Improvement Programmes at the Health Foundation, said: “We’re excited to support this project, one of 23 that have been developed by frontline teams to improve health and social care across the UK.  We are looking forward to working with the teams to develop their innovative ideas, put them into practice, and gather evidence about how  their projects are improving care for patients.”

For more information contact Business Development Manager Amanda Cole on 0191 481 3685 / amanda.cole@changing-lives.org.uk

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