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Hedley House, our supported accommodation project for young people experiencing homelessness in County Durham, hosted its first 'Come dine with me' event this month for its young residents.

The evening was the first of many, where each young person will host their own themed night. They will each be responsible for meal planning, designing their own menu, budgeting, and independently shopping for the ingredients required to cook their meal.

The first evening was hosted by one of our Young People, Patrick, who decided to cook Chicken soup containing chickpeas with rice infused with lemon, a side salad of lettuce, tomato, cucumber, and white cabbage flavoured with lemon juice. This is a meal he associates with his birth country of Syria.

The events have been made possible thanks to funding from our Trauma and Wellbeing Team. Hedley house received £720, allowing the young people to buy fresh ingredients and cover the cost to host this fantastic initiative, which they are so grateful to have the opportunity to take part in.

Tracey Hodgson Support Workers at Hedley House said:

“We have 12 ‘come dine with me’ events planned here at Hedley House. Each Young Person is going to facilitate and host their own evening of dining.
This teaches them social skills and gives them the confidence to engage in group activity. Some of our Young People have endured trauma throughout their lives, and any activity that promotes confidence and self-worth is crucial to their development.

Here at Hedley House, we have young people from different background and cultures. It is a great way to give them a chance to explore and gain knowledge of other countries and cultures.”

The project will help reduce social isolation and promote social inclusion. It will help develop social skills and interactions. It also provides structure and routine during a time when many of our Young People have been isolated from their families.

The young residents were absolutely loved the evening and were keen for seconds. They can’t wait to see what their fellow residents will cook up over the coming weeks.

One young person commented:

” A massive thank you to Patrick who cooked up this lovely meal followed by yummy chocolate cake.”

To find out more information about our Housing and Homelessness services you can find out here https://www.changing-lives.org.ukservices/housing-homelessness/

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