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Thank you to all of our fabulous fundraisers for your support this weekend at the Virtual Great North Run 2020.

We’d especially like to thank four special young runners who raised an incredible £2000 for Changing Lives taking part in the Junior Great North Run.

Liam (5), Evan (6) and Mia (4) all ran an impressive 1.6k and Will (10) ran an incredible 4k, all with the support of their families, to raise funds on Great North Run day.

Liam’s mam Ellie said: “Liam completed the run at Paddy Freeman park in Heaton in Newcastle. We all had an excellent time, we are so proud for him.

“This was Liam’s first run and first time raising money for a charity. It helped us talk about what you do as a charity and what fundraising means. We have also discussed homelessness. It’s been a great opportunity to introduce these concepts to Liam.”

Leanne, Evan and Mia’s mum, added: “I had spoken to Evan and Mia about our own situation and how fortunate we are to have a home, food, clothes, toys etc. and how some people don’t have any of these. They were quite taken aback and asked why can’t they all just come and live with us?

“I told them about Changing Lives and how we could raise money to help people which they were so happy about.  I think it’s really important for them to appreciate all that they have, but also to give back. It is a privilege to raise money for Changing Lives.”

Alice Fisher, fundraising and events officer, said: “We think this is an amazing, generous, and inspiring thing to do, so huge thanks to Liam, Evan, Mia and Will. You really are an inspiration to us all.”

If you’ve been inspired to run or fundraise for Changing Lives, please email

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