IDEVSW is a day to remember those who have been effected by violence and harm when selling sex, and for those who learn that someone they love has been victim of abuse when exchanging sex.

At Changing Lives, we also use the day to think about those who are exchanging sex for survival and often targeted for exploitation.

Our recent Net Reach Report found a concerning increase in women across the North East, resorting to selling sex online due to increased hardship during the pandemic.

Some women we support may not identify with the term ‘sex work’ but we can still all come together on this day and can relate to each other in some way.

Sex workers and people exchanging sex for survival are people living in our local communities; our sisters, mothers, friends, colleagues and they are people who deserve to be treated with respect and understanding.

Reducing levels of stigma is crucial to help people report crimes but is also essential to help people overcome the trauma and violence they have experienced.

So this year for IDEVSW we want to take a moment to recognise all the wonderful people we have met over the last 12 months, who are also engaging in selling or exchanging sex. We will continue to be here to support you whenever you need us.

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