We are delighted that Changing Lives has achieved the Investing in Volunteers (IiV) quality mark, the UK quality standard for all organisations involving volunteers.

Investing in Volunteers aims to improve the quality of the volunteering experience, and encourages organisations to acknowledge the enormous contribution made by volunteers. Staff and volunteers across the country impressed against a range of best practice standards.

Sead Masic, National Volunteering Manager, said,

“Striving to achieve the Investing in Volunteers quality mark proved to be a very rewarding process. It has helped us to fine-tune our volunteering practices and ensure that we continue to provide consistency throughout Changing Lives.

We have a good framework and solid foundation to provide a positive experience to our volunteers, people we work with and our staff. We can demonstrate that we operate our volunteer project to the best possible standard.”

Investing in Volunteers is managed by the UK Volunteering Forum and delivered by NCVO in England. Investing in Volunteers is unique in that it is the only standard that focuses on volunteers. It is based on four areas of volunteer management: planning for volunteer involvement, recruiting volunteers, selecting and matching volunteers and supporting and retaining volunteers.

Changing Lives is supported by over 300 volunteers annually, and we couldn’t continue our life-changing work without their support.

Further information about the Standard can be found on https://iiv.investinginvolunteers.org.uk/ Find out more about volunteering with Changing Lives here: https://www.changing-lives.org.uk/how-you-can-help/volunteer/

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