When Julie and her child get up in the morning, their feet sink into their new carpets. Their home is warm and they have everything they need to stay there safely.

For Julie, having her own home near her family is an exciting step and one that she has worked towards for over a year. She had previously been living in a Changing Lives dispersed property after fleeing domestic abuse. She was living with anxiety and depression as well as a health condition that affected her lungs which has meant she has had to shield during the Covid pandemic.

Over the last year, Julie has worked with Changing Lives to access support for her mental health and addiction. Her child, who had been placed in the care of Julie’s mum, is now allowed to stay with Julie a couple of nights a week.

When Julie first heard that she had secured her own property near her family, she was extremely happy – but also worried. She wasn’t sure how she would be able to afford to move and purchase all the necessary essentials while receiving Universal Credit. The team at Changing Lives supported her through the move and applied to Welfare Assist, which meant she received financial support for her white goods. She also received funding from the Covid Domestic Abuse Fund, which meant she could purchase new carpets to help keep her house warm – which was vital so she could stay warm and shield safely during the pandemic.

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