This powerful 11 minute film shares invaluable experience and advice of women with children who have experienced imprisonment – often unexpectedly.  We hope that practitioners from statutory and voluntary sector organisations will share with women we support especially those facing sentencing at Court.

Changing Lives has a long history of supporting women with experience of the criminal justice system.  We are aware of the disproportionate sentencing faced by women and the impact on families; 95% of children are removed from their home when their mother is sentenced to custody.  The consequences can be devastating.

Laura says:

‘I strongly support the point in this compelling film that custodial sentences for women with children should be seen from the perspective of Safeguarding Children. By far the majority of women are sentenced for non-violent offences and would be more effectively rehabilitated in the community, breaking a cycle of intergenerational harm’.

You can watch the film here.

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