Changing Lives is working with Mayday Trust, Homeless Network Scotland and Platfform to facilitate Wisdom from the System, a new research project looking to capture the voices of people with experience of working in the social care, mental health, homelessness and criminal justice systems.

The project will provide a space for people working in a strength-based way to look at what works and what doesn’t. It will also provide a moment for people to take a breath and review the impact of working during COVID-19 and the learning that can be taken forward.

There is currently an abundance of conversations taking place online focusing on the change this pandemic has and will continue to create. With Wisdom from the System we hope to offer something different – an opportunity to capture an honest and grounded grassroots response. We want to provide a platform to those who have something to share.

How it works:

The project invites people to register for a virtual round table discussion, taking place over Zoom, which will be facilitated by one or two representatives from Wisdom from the System. There is also a submission form available for those that wish to share their experiences in writing.

What we want to know:

Wisdom from the System will ask the question:

What is your experience of being in and/or working in the homelessness, social care, mental health, and criminal justice systems across the UK?

Each round table discussion will be led primarily by the participants. They are a safe space to share your experiences, so these questions will act as a prompt for you to share your experiences of working in a strength-based way.

Who should get involved:

Wisdom from the System is for those who have worked or are currently working in a strength-based way in social care, mental health, homelessness and probation services.

How to get involved:

You can register to join a round table discussion, and/or submit your experiences through the online form, at the Wisdom from the System website. You are also invited to join the conversation online by using or searching the hashtag #SystemWisdom

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